Chirp freakin' chirp Winged bastards of solitude
I am the Father Of mirth and shadows Dystopian Despot The Arranger
My inflection carefully inspected My name is bastard The b is silent
Supremacy manifold proletariat fed Hung like suits in a closet Dry humped and brushed clean Pressed and euthanized Submission

You lash out at me
In anger
Reprisal reproach
a mantel of judgment


fists pounding tray
after tray
like a child 
trapped in a restaurant


tomato-faced and puffy
crying out
slobbery biscuit 
stuck in my hair


Did I 
Reject you
And how dare I
Who the fuck
Am I
I missed out


I failed to see what I had
In you
In the palm of my hand
Sitting there you were
Filled with love
The milk of humanity


For that second
Hope tenuously buttering 
belief in random joy
a sandwich of maybe


taking a bite
whatifs oozing out
dribbling down my chin
staining my shirt
knowing you 
left a mark


forever on me
Eyes blue branding me
with sincerity
Blue with shining 
Bluer than blue even
Holding my hands in yours


Staring at me waiting
Waiting for me and staring
Staring some more 
For something brilliant


Something profound to tumble 
From my trembling lips 
Between bites of maybe and sips
Of Now All Flowers Envy Us
This love 
Like no other

And you’re going to be someone
Are someone
And you’re going to be a success
Are a success
And you are going to BE
And I missed

that part
I failed to appreciate
Your future value
Your current worth


But your shitty little texts
Your comeon take the bait words
Well they let me know
Where I screwed up with
One day you’ll be sorry


Lying to yourself
You are calm now
Too calm
Lying to me 
You are cold now
Where you stand


Forget me placate me
With gm & gn
Confront me
Hating me


Berating me
Taking me apart
Bit by bit by microscopic bit
I’m not true
Not true enough for you
The hope you placed in me


Telling yourself 
Against all disbelief
I’d be exactly 
what you perceived
In that moment
Exactly what you needed


Me to be
And I’m NOT
Waiting for me to 
Fail you


Fail me
Confirming your fears
Rediscovering the darkness
You wrap up in
Want to believe in