Chirp freakin' chirp Winged bastards of solitude
I am the Father Of mirth and shadows Dystopian Despot The Arranger
My inflection carefully inspected My name is bastard The b is silent
Supremacy manifold proletariat fed Hung like suits in a closet Dry humped and brushed clean Pressed and euthanized Submission

Pennies corroding

In a mason jar

Jangling spent

Like they matter


For a million dollars

Someone has to die


Pulling you aside

Into my confessions

Said like urine

In a cup


Trickling infected

Diseased demographics

Vowels in accents

Melting with disparity


My cerebral landfill juxtaposed

In Unrelenting Justice


I am the Father

Of mirth and shadows

Dystopian despot

The Arranger


Skimming fatback

Peeling prosperity off

And this wet dress is

Starting to stink


I want Hasenpfeffer

Give me meat


I gaze pupils gilded

Glinting through

An eyelid wall

My eyes a burning canvas


I melt in waxy arms

Corridor profligate

Hanging in frames

Clanging ironically


Lead glaze worn

Like a starving body

In a trench coat

Buttons chewed off


Shaking my

Bitter fuzzy mosaic

Logic colliding

My fuselage en tempo


I might be a little confused

A wee bit daft


My Medicare proposals

Cash grabbing egos

Vulture shrouded carcasses

Miserly feed