Chirp freakin' chirp Winged bastards of solitude
I am the Father Of mirth and shadows Dystopian Despot The Arranger
My inflection carefully inspected My name is bastard The b is silent
Supremacy manifold proletariat fed Hung like suits in a closet Dry humped and brushed clean Pressed and euthanized Submission

I am Greenspam

Randian man

With a plan

To Grinch slap the nation



I speak Obfuscation

Like Berlitz on acid

In a sweaty crack

And dude I am tweakin’



Spinning asset poor

Into economic porn

Wealth disparity downbeats

Laying down tracks like a playah

A consummate hustler



Mini me bagman

Shrugging off dot comas

Gasping debacle


With on The House

Lobotomies like

Twister parodies VAT

And it wasn’t me



My corpse hands

Scrawling memoirs

and escape routes

In my underpants



Smelly poor people

Make me sick



Faltering under portentous

Charts and graphs

I pretend

Not to read so well


Intellectual porridge

Mysterious market trends

Streetwalker panacea

Pick-pocketing analysts


A dazzling new marriage

Between profit’s cancer

And her ugly



Malignant vertiginous

Beowulf deficits

Binging on Tigers

And Bears oh my


Hackneyed fuselage

I call macro theory

Might be a travesty

But whatever


I chew the lean Bra


I play both sides

All ways are

The Maestro’s Way

Knighted in Spishak


I permeate

Beleaguered beginnings

Briny and spineless

A cyst ready to poison


Entropic Lizard King

Prime-rate conjugating

Lending scores in

Fibonacci sequences