Who I am today isn’t who I was even a couple of years ago. I think this is true for many people, so when I considered where to begin…again…with Vuduchick…now, it’s just about something simple and relatively clean.

I lost a tremendous amount of my part work from fine art pieces to everything related to graphic design, web design, animation. etc…just gone. These losses were both the direct and indirect result of having my entire network hacked, repeatedly for over 3 years straight. The FBI wouldn’t do anything until I could prove over $100k in damage. Personally, I wasn’t prepared to combat and take on some cyber stalker. I have definitely learned a lot about cyber security. Infosec is an area I’m taking some classes in and getting ready for a handful of certifications. Cool.

I mostly hate sales…I’ve learned this about myself.

When I was 18, I was an artist working on pieces for some local galleries. I started writing poetry shortly thereafter. From time to time I these things back up and work on them for a bit. I don’t really care about making money as an artist or writer. These are just for my enjoyment…my expression. However, this wasn’t always the case. For at least a decade I needed to use these skills to make money. This meant not only developing them to a professional and marketable level, also developing a crapton of other skills to go along with these.

Some of these skills were web development, graphic design, game art, sewing, building furniture, interior design, web content…on and on…and on. I can do a whole bunch of things, which is kind of great on one hand…if I want to create a complex art piece using a bunch of different skill sets…metal work, weather work, wood carving…man, I could create some super cool shit. No doubt. I got to challenge myself. It’s empowering to become decent at difficult things. On the other hand, it often sucked…doing every single aspect myself, means doing it every time…it’s a hassle. I wanted to work on my art…the part where I must take a pro photo and adjust it, write content, market it…none of it. I didn’t want to do any of those parts…certainly not every time.

For the moment, I’m putting up some of my poetry…ones I selected that resonate with me. I’m doing the same with some art. Typically, I’ll post something on Instagram when I’m working on a new piece of art.